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Cara Beth Thierbach

Position: Immigration Attorney
Tel: (407) 478-1111

Cara Beth Thierbach

Immigration Attorney

Cara Beth Thierbach is a passionate advocate for those looking to navigate the intricate world of self-sponsored petitions. As part of the distinguished team at Colombo & Hurd, she brings a wealth of expertise, having successfully handled specialized cases in EB-2 NIW, EB-1A, EB-1B, and O1-A petitions.

As a proud member of the North Carolina State Bar, her commitment extends beyond her professional duties. Inspired by her grandparents’ migration story from Germany in the 1950s, her personal connection to the immigration narrative is deep and unwavering. Ms. Thierbach has experience in several topics of legal research and academic writing, including state jury trial rights and pleading standards. Her passion for immigration law was sparked by her fascination with international relations and a profound recognition of the interconnectedness of people across borders.

Ms. Thierbach has also dedicated her skills to the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center, offering legal aid to the underserved. When she’s not championing the rights of her clients, she immerses herself in diverse cultures through travel, museums, live performances, and the arts.

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