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Deportation Due to Criminal Charges Attorney

Deportation Due to Criminal Charges Attorney

Whether you currently have a criminal case pending, or are an immigrant who has been convicted of a crime, it is critical that you obtain legal advice due to the harsh immigration consequences of particular convictions. At Colombo & Hurd, our criminal immigration lawyers represent immigrants charged with criminal violations in order to ensure the protection of our clients’ immigration status. Criminal convictions can lead to major problems for immigrants, whether legal residents or undocumented immigrants. This is in part because immigration law defines a “conviction” differently than most local, state, and even federal courts, and immigrants who are not “convicted” in those courts often have a conviction for immigration purposes. This poses severe problems for green card holders when they travel, seek to become citizens, or even renew their green cards. Green Card holders are often shocked to find out a past conviction which seemed to be a bad memory can actually result in detention and even deportation! Criminal convictions can also cause serious issues for undocumented aliens if they are detained, or seek to later adjust status. In addition, immigration considers the immigrant ineligible because of the multiple ways that immigration defines a “conviction.” If you are an immigrant with a current or past criminal matter, then you should consult with an attorney to protect your rights and avoid serious problems.

Our Immigration Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

At Colombo & Hurd, we fully understand the immigration consequences of convictions and our experienced immigration criminal attorneys can help you and your loved ones overcome these difficult situations. Our attorneys have years of experience successfully representing immigrants dealing with criminal matters. Colombo & Hurd also can help immigrants who are detained by immigration due to criminal matters. Our attorneys have won bond for immigrants detained due to criminal matters on a regular basis in multiple cases. Our firm also represents immigrants defending against criminal charges in local, state, and federal courts. Additionally, our attorneys regularly represent individuals who are placed in removal proceedings (formerly known as deportation) due to a conviction. Colombo & Hurd has successfully obtained legal status at trial on multiple occasions for immigrants with past convictions.

Immigration Help for Clients with Past Criminal Convictions

Colombo & Hurd can also help immigrants who have pled to prior past convictions by vacating the previous plea and conviction in certain cases. This can be of vital importance if the past conviction leaves an immigrant without a defense in removal proceedings, or even if it prevents an immigrant from obtaining citizenship or a green card. If you have a past conviction, let Colombo & Hurd analyze whether you have grounds to attack the past charge, re-open your case and fight the charges. If you are an immigrant and have been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime, consult with Colombo & Hurd’s experienced team of attorneys immediately. If you or a loved one is detained, contact us 24 hours a day to determine whether Colombo & Hurd can secure freedom for you or the one’s you care about. If you are facing obstacles due to criminal charges, let Colombo & Hurd guide you to solutions.
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