Most people traveling to US need to obtain a visa. In the video, the immigration attorney Carlos Colombo discusses some options for temporary visas.

The B-1 visa, for example, is a visa for a business visitor, a person who is interested to come to US for a conference, for business, etc. This visa is a temporary visa. The requirements for the B-1 visa are: Establish who has ties to your country; eligible to apply for a visa; have financial ability to travel.

The most common types of temporary visas are:

The B-1 visa: a visa for athletes, businessmen and foreign domestic worker;

The B-2 visa: tourist;

The O visa: for aliens with extraordinary ability;

The H-1B visa: for special skills.

“Basically, the H-1B is for a professional, a person who has a specific capacity to be able to come to the US as a professional and has a college degree;. This is a basic requirement and that such jobs have a requirement that This person must have a college degree. “Says Dr. Carlos Colombo.

If the person entered the US legally and want to stay longer, there is an I-539 form used to extend your stay. However, to apply for I-539, the person must have a very specific reason why you need to stay longer than the time you have been given in the US

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