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Our Orlando Immigration Services

Whether you traveled to the United States to be with your family, run from oppression or advance a career, an experienced and effective immigration lawyer can be of great help in achieving your goal. The legal services that Colombo & Hurd provides can yield a lifetime of positive results for our clients. We’re highly respected in immigration administrative offices and courts, and we take great pride in our reputation for providing effective immigration legal services.

Immigration typically involved complicated procedures. We want our clients to understand that process so that we can work closely together to make your immigration journey as uneventful and fast as possible. Here are some of the wide range of legal services that Colombo & Hurd provides.

Family-Based Immigration

United States laws permit the immigration of foreign nationals to this country based on their relationship to a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Those who are eligible for family-based immigration include spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters.

Employment-Based Immigration

Colombo & Hurd acts as counsel to both employers and employees in preparing and processing labor-based certifications and authorizations for employment through either nonimmigrant temporary work visas or job-based permanent residency for professionals. Three hurdles must be overcome in job-based permanent residency. We counsel and represent clients through every step in the process.

International Students

International students provide perspectives at colleges and universities that U.S. students might not have encountered in the past. We work with international students along with colleges and universities on F1, J1 and M1 student visas while also counseling students on their duties and obligations while in the United States.

Sports and Athletics

We’re committed to sports and the overall health and development of young people. Some of them are sufficiently skilled to compete internationally. A foreign national who wishes to enter the United States for purposes of competing in a sporting event either as a team member or individual can seek a P1 visa. A person with a P1 visa is allowed to perform for payment or prize money. An individual P1 visa can be valid for up to five years. A team member P1 visa is only valid for one year.

Performing Arts and Entertainment

Performers, artists, dancers and musicians with extraordinary expertise are eligible for permanent residency based on their talent and level of accomplishment. Here at Colombo & Hurd, we’re able to customize their petitions to reflect the nature and extent of these individuals’ talent, accomplishments and recognition in order to fully comply with statutory requirements.

Intracompany Transfers

We assist clients in the formation of business entities, treaty trader and treaty investor visas. Colombo & Hurd also assists businesses and employees in temporary transfers to the United States of managers, executives or those with highly specialized knowledge, so they might continue working for their employer while in this country.

Naturalized Citizenship

Permanent residents can become eligible for United States citizenship. We’re ready to assist them throughout the citizenship process in order to satisfy the applicable requirements.

Colombo & Hurd recognizes the importance of your family and yearning to live and work in the United States. We concentrate our practice on all forms of immigration law. We’ve experienced many years of success, even when confronted with some of the most complex immigration cases. We’re easily accessible, and we keep our clients continually advised on the status of their cases. We understand immigration law and procedure, and we use the most effective approach on every client’s goal. Our relationship starts with a simple phone call. Don’t wait any longer. Call Colombo & Hurd at 407-900-2850 for your immigration solution.