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Orlando Citizenship Lawyer

The United States remains the land of opportunity, and for many people, gaining citizenship has been the dream of a lifetime. The housing, health care and educational opportunities available here are envied immigrants around the globe, but naturalized United States citizenship can come at significant sacrifice both personally and professionally. We want becoming a United States citizen to be a rewarding experience, so we approach that opportunity professionally with compassion, understanding and professionality. Our Orlando immigration attorneys are here to help you.

Our Offer

Naturalization is the legal procedure through which lawful permanent residents become United States citizens. If you’re an immigrant, and you have decided to become a United States citizen, you’ll want the services and benefits that are offered by our quality and effective Orlando citizenship lawyers. After we’re retained, we’ll walk your citizenship journey with you and be at your side every step of the way. We’ll professionally prepare all necessary documents, collect required documentation on your behalf and properly submit everything. We’ll counsel and coach you on what you’re going to need to know for your interview, and if necessary, we can even attend your interview with you.

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Eligibility for Naturalization

If you weren’t born in the United States or you’re not the child of a United States citizen, you’ll be required to go through the naturalization process to become a United States citizen. The general rules are that you’ll be required to:

  • Reside in the United States for five years and remain physically present in the United States for at least 30 months of that time, or
  • Be married to a U.S. Citizen and reside in the United States for at least three years
  • Be a person of good moral character
  • Be literate in the English language and have qualifying knowledge of United States history

The children of United States citizens aren’t required to complete the naturalization process. You can even be eligible to apply for naturalization if you have appropriate service in the United States armed forces

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Issues That Can Arise During the Process

Certain obstacles can get in the way during the complex naturalization process. There might be residency issues, questions involving actual physical presence or even arrests and criminal convictions. Even a minor brush with the law can create a major criminal history issue. Part of our job is to identify any issues that might interfere with becoming a citizen before you apply for naturalization and then decide on the best way of possibly resolving them.

Only Trust a Citizenship Lawyer’s Advice

If you’re like most other immigrants, you’ve probably been given quite a bit of misinformation about becoming a United States citizen. Our promise is to give you the most accurate case evaluation given the facts presented to us. We don’t mislead our clients.

Hire Quality and Experienced Immigration Lawyers

We’ve helped people from across Florida and around the world gain naturalized United States citizenship. The process is complicated, and there are pitfalls that can result in delays or even denials of a petition. When it comes time to seek naturalized citizen status, you’ll want experienced and effective help. Talk with the immigration lawyers here at Colombo & Hurd. We work quickly and responsibly in our efforts to help you become a United States citizen. If your naturalization petition has been continued, you’ll want to talk with us right away. Something might be wrong with the petition or accompanying documentation. Even if your petition has been denied, we still might be able to help you. It could have been denied in error. An appeal can be filed on your behalf. Consult with our offices before you begin the naturalization process.

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