Deportation Lawyer in Orlando

Deportation defense attorneys at Colombo & Hurd provide vigorous defense for immigrants and foreign nationals facing involuntary deportation. We defend clients before immigrations courts on a daily basis, winning stays and cancellations of deportation orders through thorough and principled representation. Our team of orlando immigration attorneys are passionionate about preventing unjust deportations.

Our deportation defense representation starts the moment a client is detained by ICE. We fight to obtain immigration bonds, so our clients remain free during the deportation litigation process. Our attorneys continue to fight for our clients through the entire deportation process, including appeals.

The reasons behind deportation proceedings are crucial to your defense

Deportation proceedings are initiated for a variety of reasons, and our attorneys understand how crucial it is to understand the unique circumstances that resulted in deportation litigation. In many cases, immigration courts take into account the reason deportation orders are sought. There are also many affirmative defenses that can be offered based on the deportation reasons. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate all deportation defenses available and assert all affirmative defenses during the deportation process.

Some of the reasons that the government initiates deportation proceedings include criminal convictions, immigration violations, visa expiration, green card expiration, employment violations, immigration fraud, final order of removal after asylum denials, and failure to depart after a grant of voluntary departure.

Immigrants and foreign nationals can also face deportation for failing to abide by the terms of their visas or green cards. Other deportation criteria include fleeing a border control checkpoint, drug abuse and addiction, and engaging in a sham marriage. The government may also start deportation proceedings when it alleges involvement in human smuggling.

Because legal basis for deportation proceedings can be established on so many grounds and the circumstances of each case differs, no immigration case is exactly alike. For this reason, successful deportation defense requires tenacious and detail-oriented representation. Our attorneys never stop fighting for our clients. We work so their voices are heard.

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Defense for DACA cases

Dreamers need good legal representation. Even if the federal government passes an act protecting dreamers from automatic deportation, it is likely some dreamers may still face deportation due to a variety of individual circumstances. In some cases, dreamers who should remain in the United States may face deportation because of unsubstantiated, untrue, or wrongful accusations.

Though much debate still centers around dreamers, ICE has still categorized dreamers as a category of immigration enforcement, which means that dreamers could be subject to a deportation action. For this reason, all dreamers should create an action plan in case they are targeted for deportation. Colombo & Hurd’s immigration attorneys excel at developing these plans on behalf of dreamers and their families.

Convictions that can lead to deportation

A variety of offenses can lead to deportation. These include felonies and crimes of moral turpitude. The government frequently pursues deportation for drug and gang-related convictions. Because the criteria is broad, it is crucial for any immigrant facing criminal charges to immediately seek legal advice from an attorney specializing in deportation defense.

Work-related visa violations

Foreign workers holding visas may face deportation for alleged misrepresentations of their qualifications, education, background, and experience.

Get legal assistance at the first stage of deportation proceedings

As soon as you know you are likely to face deportation proceedings, always get qualified legal help at the first opportunity. Though in most cases there is a lengthy deportation process requiring hearings, mistakes at the early stages of the process can make fighting deportation difficult. With the help of expert attorneys at the start of any deportation process, you are fully protected from pitfalls that can later destroy a deportation defense.