My name is Luz, I’m Colombian. My immigration case was denied in 1986. At that moment I became another illegal alien in this country, until I decided to hire attorney Carlos Colombo. In only 7 months became a legal resident of the United States. He made my dream come true. The service provided at Colombo & Hurd was excellent. The staff was always polite and they collaborated throughout the process not only with professionalism but also with kindness. I want to thank Colombo & Hurd for everything; I would still be an illegal alien without your help. Sincerely.

Luz, Colombia
Living illegally in this country is living in darkness. We had the opportunity to leave darkness thanks to Colombo & Hurd PL. We are a family of immigrants searching for the American dream and a better life. We want to be part of the development and evolution of this country. We feel fortunate to have found Colombo & Hurd. They are excellent genuine experienced professionals who also provided a sense of solidarity by showing their My family and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to write these notes from this country and not from Colombia thanks to the attorney’s intervention who was able to stop the deportation when we had a final order. Hopefully more people in my situation have the opportunity to find Colombo & Hurd, PL, the firm of Immigration experts.

Edna, Colombia

The United States immigration process is difficult and competitive so having the best legal representatives on your side is crucial to your success. My application was processed quickly and painlessly, by Mr. Colombo and his professional, courteous, knowledgable and experienced team. Any questions or concerns I had were answered quickly and my contact Karen always available to discuss my case. I am now officially a permanent resident of the USA and it’s all thanks to Colombo & Hurdt!

Heather, United Kingdom
I am writing this email to thank you Mr. Hurd for guiding us and helping us on this difficult time. But, we are very confident that we will win this case with the help of God in first place and the professional help that you and your team are providing us. The reason why I chose you, is because I know what an excellent professional you are, who will try the best always.I want to also thank Silvia, she always answered my phone calls, questions and emails, she is very patience and dedicated, always ready to help with anything. Thank you!

Sabrina, Brazil

Attorneys at Colombo & Hurd: Thank you very much for your excellent work in my son’s case. We experienced an extremely emotive reunification, and the family is now beginning to heal emotionally. We look forward to fully enjoy the benefits of this incredible win. I want to thank you one more time for having such a generous heart and for using you knowledge and talents to help those who need it the most. I hope God continues to use you as his efficient instrument and to cover you with blessings. With maternal love.

Celidet, Perú
For the record, I have not received any financial incentive to write this letter. These thoughts and sentiments are mine alone. My words have not been edited or influenced by anyone else. Quite simply, I wrote this testimonial in response to the outstanding service I have received from Mr. Colombo. I am 45 years old, happily married father of three children (aged 12,10,and 8). I have been professionally involved in the financial markets since 1980. Because of this I have had a long and happy relationship with America, its citizens and its culture. After a fantastic trip to America in 2007, I decided to investigate what immigration options where open to my family and I. I started this process by first contacting a number of immigration lawyers. Choosing a quality lawyer is a daunting task. However, Mr. Colombo’s enthusiasm and competence made him stand out from the crowd from the very beginning. The EB5 process is not an easy undertaking. It can be very frustrating, stressful and slow moving. Thus the guidance of quality counsel is a perquisite- I am pleased to say Mr. Colombo never let me down. A commonly accepted business principle is that you either compete on price or service. Mr. Colombo breaks that unwritten rule and competes on both. My experience with Colombo & Hurd has been first class and I thoroughly recommend their services. My only regret is not applying for an EB5 sooner! Yours sincerely.

Andy (EB5), UK

Dear Mr. Colombo: Thank you for being very professional at what you do, and answering all questions promptly. It is refreshing to work with people who are this attentive to their clients. I definitely recommended your office among a few friends who will soon graduate school and look at their immigration options. I do want your office to be my exclusive stop for immigration needs in the future, and I will be hiring your services again for all follow-up procedures on my path to citizenship.

Amer, Kuwait
Hello Liliana, A couple of days a go I called in to let Mr.Hurd know that I got the letter of approval for my documents and I am writing to let you know that I received the card too. I am so happy the words can’t come even close to describing it. Thank you for the hard work you have done on my case and please thank for me everyone that was involved too! Please let Mr.Hurd know that we appreciate his good work and dedication for everything he has done to make the process a little easier for us. He truly has! We are and always be more than grateful! I know this sound so unprofessional but tell him that I love him so very much! To everyone there,Thank you! Best Regards.

Irena, Albania

Dear Colombo & Hurd: Thank you for helping me with my case. I pray God to bless you, your family and your practice abundantly in the coming years. I have faith that your generosity and care will be richly rewarded.

Renata, Brazil
Dear Attorneys: On September 24, I lived to see the realization of what was at that time only a dream that you help come true. Along with my wife and children we witnessed the pain and agony that we experience for months of fearing deportation proceedings, which all came to an end. You came into our lives like a ray of light bringing hope. “Thank you God”! You turned our sorrow into the white flag of hope. There were the hopes that we had that very quickly fell into the shadow of despair and darkness for the Rojas family. Time has passed and we return to live our lives back to normal and without fear- When ever we do remember the bad moments of despair we also often remember you and all the blessing that you are when god put you in our way. There is no way that it could rest with me not telling you that my life would be not the same or a true blessings with out the great professionals of Dr. Francisco Alvarez of Jacksonville, reporter from Univision 26 in Orlando—Ms. Lymarie Rodriguez, my guardian angles, that played such an important role in my life and for a great defense the great team of Colombo & Hurd. Sincerely.

Teodulo, Peru

Dear Attorneys, Thank you for expediting Daniela’s passport. Kim and Daniela are flying from the Dominican Republic to visit my mother later this week. I ‘m already here in Maine with her, and we’ll hopefully be able to get a four generation picture together. My mother is 92 and weighs only about 82 pounds now. I know this will be a precious time now together. Thank and God Bless.

Connie, Dominican Republic
Dear Carlos, With Special thanks for your kindness, We prayed constantly to God for him to alleviate our anguish and give us an answer. You are the answer. Along with the grace of God you both create a special team. We will always pray for you.

Gómez – Salazar Family, Colombia

Colombo & Hurd have always been highly professional, efficient and honest in advising us on our options and helping us to navigate the maze of immigration law, and successfully representing us with the L1A visa. They have treated us with respect and consideration every step of the way. The service is friendly and courteous and their door is always open for questions and support. They have greatly eased our company’s transition to the USA and we would not hesitate to recommend them to potential clients.

Kay & David (L1 Visa), United Kingdom January, 2009
I would just like to show my appreciation by saying thank you to both attorneys Rusten Hurd and his team, for the work you all did on my case. I have been battling with USCIS for several years now and in less than 6 months you guys were able to get me to Conditional Permanent Status! YES. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you all once again. I would recommend Colombo & Hurd to anyone in need of immigration legal services. Sincerely.

Naseema, Jamaica

Mr Hurd and his team has represented me through the process of obtaining my green card.It only took me about 3 months to get my permanent green card.I messed up my paperwork before and I was stuck in a bad situation for 4 years. Mr Hurd seems to understand my situation and provided the service which I’m very satisfied with.He is very experienced, professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and kept me informed on every little step in my case.The best of all is his price is fair compare to what other lawyer offices charged me. Also his office staff is very professional and courteous,their follow up service is the best. They even offered services after I got my green card.Mr Hurd and his team not only provided immigration services to me but reunited me and my family.I wish I hired them earlier. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Hurd and his office practice to anyone I know that would need legal services.

Peier, China
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