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Business Immigration Lawyers

Business Immigration

At Colombo & Hurd our business immigration lawyers provide thorough and focused attention to a wide variety of business immigration law matters. Whether you are seeking to obtain or extend any US business visa we provide our business clients with personalized service that is structured to achieve the best results in a strategic and expeditious manner.

There are a broad array of business visas available.  While certain visas are well-suited to a certain purpose, no visa is universally applicable to all situations.  Therefore, a business owner or manager seeking to bolster his workforce through immigration solutions or an intending immigrant looking to come to work in United States must carefully assess his options before taking action.  At Colombo & Hurd, our clients should expect diligent, prompt, and responsive service at all times.  Our attorneys make use of the latest technology to reduce the likelihood for error.  Furthermore, our attorneys focus extensively on detail to ensure that all applications and filings are correct and timely.  We provide full service representation for an array of business focused immigration services.  Whether you are looking to come to work in the United States or your business owner seeking supplementation of your workforce we can help.



Utilization of Advanced Technology

At Colombo & Hurd, we utilize the latest web-based and Internet technology to assist businesses in bringing foreign nationals to work in the United States quickly and efficiently. Our clients have the opportunity to access information concerning the status of their cases and are able to remain informed throughout the immigration process. Our state of the art software allows HR personnel and individuals to directly access their file, monitor the progress of their case, answer questionnaires and emails, and upload documents and data to instantly share information. Each client is provided a username and password to login to our system and interact with our law firm.

Attention To Detail

The process for bringing foreign nationals to the United States is complex and requires a thorough understanding of business immigration law.  Taking on any immigration or visa matter is that a decision that we take lightly.  Before we accept any immigration or visa matter, we always conduct extensive and thorough research on the matter.  We will always take the time to explain the application process to our clients or potential clients.  Furthermore should a potential client have questions, we’re happy to provide clear answers.  We understand that immigration law is an area of law where exacting precision is required since mistakes or oversights can have significant effects on one’s ability to secure their visa or immigration goal.  Therefore, every application or filing that we submit to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is thoroughly assessed and analyzed.



Dedication To Customer Relationships

At our firm, our number one priority is to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of dedication, hard work, and accessibility. It is our goal to make the USA business visa application process progress a smooth and efficacious matter.  Accomplishing this goal begins with a commitment to responsive client service. We provide our clients with extensive resources, sound legal advice, one-on-one attention, professional guidance, and 24 hours a day, seven-days-a-week availability.  We strive to answer all emails and phone calls promptly and we will not be due out of the loop on legal matters and decisions.  We believe that engaging the client throughout the process is a key part of delivering on the client’s expectations.

Full Service Representation

At Colombo & Hurd, our business immigration lawyers handle the full scope of business related immigration matters. Whether your business needs to obtain an H1-B, H2-B, L, R, O/P, or other USA business-related visa, our business visa attorney team will provide comprehensive services from beginning to end to facilitate the immigration process and allow the business to focus on growth and management instead of immigration problems.  Through working with experienced immigration lawyers, your company can address workforce skills problems in an efficient manner.  Furthermore, since we take care of the legal filings and process, engaging in immigration solutions will not become a drag are drained and your business efficiency or productivity



First-Hand Experience With The Immigration Process

We have a unique advantage in understanding the immigration process as well as business immigration law. The head of our immigration section and the leader of our team of business immigration lawyers is Carlos Colombo. Mr. Colombo personally experienced the immigration process as an immigrant himself.  Thus Mr. Colombo has a unique perspective on the difficulties and bottlenecks that are possible in the immigration process.  Coupled with his experience a practicing immigration law, Mr. Colombo and the immigration team at Colombo & Hurd of works develop strategies and methods to reduce or eliminate the scheme points and bottlenecks.

Drawing from both personal and legal practice experience, we strongly believe in and understand the benefits and opportunities that the immigration process brings to both employers and their employees. That’s why we provide business immigration services to businesses throughout the United States, and the world.  The immigration process can benefit business owners, individuals seeking to work in the United States, and the already present citizens and permanent residents of the United States.

Contact Our Business Immigration Attorneys

At Colombo & Hurd we provide an array of business immigration services.  Whether your company is seeking guidance regarding business immigration law or assistance in securing a visa for a worker we can help.  You can ensure that your business practices regarding immigration and visa workers is compliant with all existing legal guidance.  When you are in need of a business visa attorney to assist you with a Florida business visa or any USA business visa, please contact Colombo & Hurd, PL for an initial consultation at 1 (800) 549 or contact us online today.  All legal consultations are confidential.
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