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Congratulations to our client from Canada who recently obtained an E-2 visa as a Treaty Investor to develop her investment in North Carolina. She is a young entrepreneur from Canada, highly qualified in management and digital marketing who purchased an existing Tanning Salon to provide a wide range of services, including body wraps, traditional tanning, spray tanning, micro-needling, chemical peels, derma-planning, and an ancient hair removal treatment with roots from the Middle East.

As an Immigration Law firm specialized in Business & Investment, we can represent you in connection with your investment anywhere in the United States. Many of our clients elect to start new businesses from scratch but others, like our Canadian client here elect to purchase an existing business to streamline the process.  Congratulations again to our Canadian entrepreneur client and best of luck with her new endeavor in the United States!. If you are a national of Canada who wants to invest in the United States and apply for an E-2 visa, feel free to contact our office in Orlando  at (407) 478-1111 or Tampa at (813) 444-1114.

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