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Congratulations to our E2 Visa Clients from Canada who were each recently approved through the US Consulate in Toronto, Canada for a company that specializes in the production and distribution of men’s personal care products. Dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, our clients’ company has developed a proprietary method of scent manufacturing that provides greater control satisfaction of manly scents. In fact, customers already sing praises of its products on its website and social media.

The majority owner of this Orlando based company was approved for the E-2 Visa as an investor while the minority owner was approved for the E2 Visa as an E2 essential employee based on her extensive and specialized knowledge of the company’s products. The Company intends to work with the many barbershop, salon, and bath and body shops across the country to place its products on shelves and increase brand awareness. Though our clients’ company will face a variety of competitors who also cater to the personal care needs of men, their company’s dedication to superior quality products, all-natural ingredients, and scent innovation have already begun to set the Company apart from its competitors.

Again, congratulations to our clients on their E2 approvals at the US Consulate in Toronto.

Rusten Hurd

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