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Our experienced EB1 Visa team at Colombo & Hurd recently obtained an approval for a Brazilian epidemiologist and infectious disease doctor who previously had his EB-1 case denied by USCIS through another law firm.  There were a number of of factors that we were able to establish to convince USCIS that our client was deserving of the approval. In particular, his impressive history of original contributions as well as outstanding achievement in the field, extensive research work and membership in numerous internationally recognized organizations requiring outstanding achievement of its members and critical roles throughout his career were more than sufficient evidence to warrant an approval.  Despite the previous denial before hiring Colombo & Hurd, we were able to deliver the good news to the doctor that his case was approved in less than 4 days and without any request for evidence by USCIS.  Further, since our client was subject to the 2-year foreign residency requirement under section 212(e) since he held a J-1 visa, we successfully won his J-1 waiver.  Our client can now assist the United States in its fight against infections diseases such as COVID-19 coronavirus and other related scientific research.

Ben O'Grady

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