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Congratulations to our client, a Brazilian national, who recently received a notice of approval for an EB2 National Interest Waiver. Due to the client’s documented track record of success in the food safety industry as well as the significance of her proposed endeavor, USCIS approved her application for her position as a Food Safety Auditor.  The primary role of a food safety auditor is to ensure quality control among foods of all types. A food safety auditor could be responsible for the food safety of a manufacturing facility or could also be entrusted with the same role on a farm that produces food for public consumption. Our client was successful in demonstrating that her work had both substantial merit and national importance and that she was well positioned to achieve in her endeavor.

Despite the recent significant increase in Requests for Evidence (RFEs) for EB2 NIW Petitions, our client’s petition was approved without the need for submission of additional evidence. She submitted overwhelming documentary evidence to demonstrate that she qualified under the regulations in the initial filing. Congratulations again to our client. If you are interested in finding out more about the EB2 National Interest Waiver, please feel free contact our office today to schedule a consultation.  Initial consultations can be scheduled online, or by calling our Orlando office at (407) 478-1111, Miami office at (305) 455-0590 or our Tampa office at (813) 444-1114.



Vivian Daher

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