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Orlando Immigration Lawyers

Colombo & Hurd is an award winning boutique firm of Orlando Immigration Lawyers.  Our firm is built on having trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients range from the world’s leading multinational corporations to entrepreneurs, investors and their families desiring to live and work in the United States. As a boutique immigration law firm, we can focus our resources and expertise to provide solutions to your immigration and business legal needs.  Our mission is to provide our clients with individual attention and professional service at every step on the path toward achieving your immigration or business goals.  Colombo & Hurd started small at the time of its founding in 2006 but has developed into the largest law firm in Central Florida focused solely on Immigration Law.  We are proud to assist our clients here in Orlando, throughout Florida and at US Consulates around the world with all of their immigration needs. 

E2 Visa Argentina

Family-Based Immigration

US immigration law has always been a complicated and convoluted practice. However, the challenges associated with family-based immigration applications have increased during the era of the Trump Administration. There has been a significant change in the processing of petitions and applications through both the US Citizenship and Immigration Services in locally (Orlando USCIS) as well as US Consulates around the world since January of 2017. Accordingly, it is vitally important to have a professional analyze your case and assist you through the process to ensure you are not faced with a significant denial or delay of your case. Our Orlando immigration attorneys provide immediate attention to our clients to ensure that every petition is diligently prepared and thoroughly analyzed. Moreover, with the advent in changes to the policies pertaining to Request for Evidence and the implementation of the new Public Charge Rule in October, 2019 the challenges in filing family-based petitions have reached a crescendo.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are able to smoothly progress through the family-based immigration process with protections and solid guidance concerning recent changes in immigration jurisprudence. For individuals, we provide assistance with work visas, family petitions, marriage and fiancé visas, investor visas, asylum, deportation defense and citizenship. To achieve your immigration goals we utilize the latest case management technology and web-based applications in order to allow our clients the opportunity to access information concerning the status of their case at any time, anywhere in the world. Our state-of-the-art software allows our clients to monitor the progress of their case, answer questionnaires and upload documents and data in order to instantly share information. Accordingly, we are frequently able to streamline the immigration process and maintain our commitment to provide excellent service to our clients.

Employment-Based Immigration

For businesses, our pledge is to provide strategic, personalized guidance tailored to achieve your goals in establishing a U.S. affiliate or subsidiary, transferring employees to the U.S. or investing in the U.S. We recognize the immigration process is full of challenges, obstacles, and unforeseen hazards. Accordingly, we work diligently to help our clients achieve their immigration objective. Our Orlando immigration lawyer serves as counsel to both employers and employees in preparing and processing labor-based certifications and authorizations for employment through both non-immigrant temporary work visas as well as employment-based permanent residency for professionals.

Investor Visas

Over the last decade, several of our attorney’s have developed substantial expertise in dealing with Investor Visas including the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa and the L-1A Executive or Manager Intra-Company Transferee.  Our firm has an excellent record representing investors who wish to obtain a US visa to conduct business, manage their investments or work for a US branch or subsidiary. We handle all corporate and international work on behalf of the client to ensure that not only the initial visa is approved, but also to maximize the chances of approval for a renewal in the future.

For our E-2 and EB-5 clients our attorneys work directly with the investor in order to develop a successful source of funds strategy.  Notably, the source of funds analysis utilized in 2018 bears little resemblance to that used just a decade ago. After the initial analysis, Colombo & Hurd will review the investment project of the investor’s choice to ensure the project’s compliance with regulations.  The hallmark of our success is our commitment to provide our investment visa clients the quality service each of our clients rightly expects.  Over the last decade our firm has filed hundreds of successful applications for Orlando Immigration investors for clients throughout the world and we are proud to continue to bring this service to clients into the landscape 2018 and beyond.

Orlando Deportation Defense

Our Orlando immigration lawyers provide aggressive deportation defense for people who face deportation hearings and have received a Notice to Appear from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In addition, we personally visit detention facilities throughout the state of Florida and throughout the US in order to protect our clients’ rights to remain in the US.  Our attorneys have built an impressive record of success foreign nationals in Orlando Immigration Court. We will work diligently to build a solid and successful case.

If you or your loved one must appear in Immigration Court in Orlando or faces the possibility of deportation, contact our Orlando immigration lawyer today to begin defense of your case. We are dedicated to fighting your deportation from the US, filing the appropriate applications for relief on your behalf, and obtaining the necessary documents to file a waiver or for cancellation of removal.  In short, we aggressively and efficiently provide you with a zealous deportation defense at the Orlando Immigration Court.

Performing Arts, Entertainers and Athletes

Performers, artists, dancers and musicians with extraordinary expertise are eligible for temporary or permanent residency based on their talent and level of accomplishment. At Colombo & Hurd, we customize  petitions to reflect the nature and extent of these individuals’ talent, accomplishments and recognition in order to fully comply with statutory requirements.  The Non-Immigrant P-1 Visa is utilized for internationally known artists, entertainers or athletes to participate in performances for United States employers or international employers while working through a United States agent. In order to qualify under this category, entertainment groups, athletic teams and individual athletes must meet a basic standard of international recognition.

EB-1 Visas are available for permanent residence for immigrants with “extraordinary ability” in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. An immigrant’s extraordinary ability must be demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim and by recognition in the field through extensive documentation. Our EB1 Lawyers in Orlando have extensive experience in filing successful applications for a variety of aliens of extraordinary ability.


We help people throughout Florida petition US Citizenship. Depending on the circumstances, naturalization can be an extremely complicated process that may require the attention of an experienced Orlando immigration lawyer. Our immigration attorneys frequently assist individuals with the naturalization process from the onset as well as those that have been denied a request for citizenship to appeal the decision of the USCIS officer. On many occasions, the initial determination of USCIS to deny a citizenship application is incorrect. Our experienced Orlando immigration attorneys frequently assist our clients in filing a successful appeal after an initial denial of a naturalization petition.

At Colombo & Hurd we provide solutions to your immigration law needs.  We concentrate our practice on all forms of immigration law. We’ve experienced many years of success even when contel:+14079002850fronted with some of the most complex immigration cases. We’re easily accessible, and we keep our clients continually advised on the status of their cases. We understand immigration law and procedure, and we use the most effective approach on every client’s goal. Our relationship starts with a simple phone call. Don’t wait any longer. Call the immigration lawyer at Colombo & Hurd at 407-478-1111 for your solution.

Our Orlando Immigration Services

Whether you traveled to the United States to be with your family or advance a career, an experienced and effective Orlando immigration lawyer can be of great help in achieving your goal. Colombo & Hurd has been awarded an AV rating by the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. An AV rating is the highest rating available to any law firm for skill and integrity and the rating is reserved for attorneys designated as outstanding in the field.  We take great pride in our reputation for providing our clients the finest immigration service in a professional and ethical fashion. We want our clients to understand that process so that we can work closely together to make your immigration journey as uneventful and efficacious as possible.
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