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When an individual has been issued a green card, he or she has authorization to live and gain employment in the United States permanently. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will issue an individual a permanent resident card that will serve as proof that an individual has been granted authorization to live in the United States.

There are many ways indivdiuals can retain permanent residency in the United States with the help of an Orlando immigration attorney. There are some who gain permanent residency when a member of their family or employer sponsors their visa, and there are some who become permanent United States residents because they are refugees from another country.
There are preferences the government adheres to when determining if a green card should be granted, which include the following:

1st Preference: Those who are interested in becoming immigrants due to employment or an offer of employment can apply for permanent residency.

2nd Preference: Priority employers, such as those who demonstrate extraordinary capabilities, which may include professors, researchers, managers, and other executive positions.

3rd Preference: Professionals who have an advanced degree or outstanding ability in their field of study.

4th Preference: Those who have special skills such as religious titles or vocations.

5th Preference: Investors and entrepreneurs that have the potential to create jobs in the United States.
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If you seek legal guidance, there is a better chance you will be issued a green card. Those who try to get a green card without the help of an experienced immigration attorney will have a difficult time because it is a complicated process, and an immigration attorney specializes in handling these issues. If you have an attorney to help guide you through the process, he or she will be able to advise you about the most viable visa and provide you with legal advice to extend your stay.


To better understand the application process for a green card, we have comprised a list of frequently asked questions:

What are the requirements for a becoming sponsored by a member of the family?
Any United States citizen may sponsor a child under the age of 21 (who isn’t married) and their spouse for a green card. In addition, the government provides a certain number of low priority green cards every year that are issued to married children or other family members.

Can I become a citizen if I already have a green card?
Yes. When an adult resident has lived in the United States for five years, he or she will gain citizenship due to naturalization. It is a requirement that an individual must physically live in the United States for no less than half of the required five years to gain citizenship. In addition, within the five years, these individuals must not have left the United States for more than six consecutive months.

How long does it take for employment-based green cards to be processed?
Obtaining an employment based green card is a complicated process that must be completed through a series of steps. The wait time will vary based on the applicant’s employer and home country. There are instances where the entire process can take years to finalize, which is why it is important to have an immigration attorney to help speed the process. If you need help applying for a green card, contact Colombo and Hurd Law Firm today.