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Business Immigration Lawyer in Tampa, Florida

The world is becoming increasingly global, and sometimes the best workforce can be built with talent overseas. Businesses in the United States have the option to bring over talented workers to improve their team. No matter if you are a corporation looking to embolden your company with talented foreign nationals or you’re a professional overseas interested in starting a new job in America, it is paramount that you have the means to cross borders legally with an approved business visa.

A Tampa, Florida business immigration lawyer can help. When business owners need to bolster their workforce with talented individuals from overseas, then an experienced business immigration attorney can help them through the process to ensure everything happens as efficiently and quickly as possible. Business visas aren’t just for corporations, however. There are also business visas for those who wish to travel to the U.S for new job opportunities. If you’re not sure which visa is right for you, your Tampa business immigration lawyer will make sure you are on the right track and ensure you are compliant with all existing legal guidelines.

What is a Business Immigration Visa?

When you are looking for immigrant workers to add to your team in the United States or you want to come to America to start a new job, you may need a business visa in order to move forward with your plans. As with all things involving immigration, the process can be both complicated and time-consuming. You want to make sure that you or your new workers receive the right visa for your needs. Your business immigration lawyer acts as your advocate throughout the visa process, guiding you or your future employee(s) through the process from start to finish so that you can avoid any bumps along the road.

With both legal experience and first-hand knowledge of the business immigration process, your attorney can help you decide on the type of business visa that’s necessary for your situation and let you know what you will need to prepare in order to have your application accepted. In addition, lawyers will be able to help you look out for the common pitfalls of business visas to reduce the risk of any errors that could cause your application to be denied.

What Type of Business Visa Do I Need?

It’s important to know that there is no universal business visa that will apply to every scenario that you could possibly come across. By speaking with a Tampa attorney who is well versed in business visas and immigration law, you can find out what type of visa is right for you.

There are a number of different business visas available for those seeking to come work in the United States or for business owners looking for immigration solutions for their hiring needs. The most common business visas include:

H1-B Visa

This program allows business owners in the United States to employ foreign workers on a temporary basis. This type of business immigration visa is particularly popular amongst specialized occupations such as those in the science, engineering and information technology fields. To obtain this type of visa, you must complete the “Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker” form. An attorney experienced with H1-B visas can help ensure that the application is completed as accurately and efficiently as possible

L Visas

L visas (both L1-A and L1-B) are issued for temporary workers coming to the United States for an extended period of time. For this type of business immigration visa, an employer must file a petition on behalf of the employee that they would like to sponsor. While this visa also involves completing a petition form, there are different requirements to determine whether a particular employee is eligible for this type of business immigration visa. To find out which L visa (L1-A or L1-B) is right for your situation, it is best to speak with a seasoned business immigration lawyer in Tampa, Florida.

Let an Experienced Tampa, FL Business Immigration Lawyer Help Your Case

You’ve heard the phrase that time is money. This means that the more time you waste not focused on getting a job done, the more money is wasted since you’re not being productive. This is even more prescient when it comes to obtaining or renewing business immigration visas to enhance your workforce with new employees from around the world. In this fast-changing economy, you want to make sure you have everything in place so that you can embark on this new chapter of your professional experience.

Getting into the country with a passport for a short period of time is one thing, but when you need to hire foreign national employees who will stay for an extended period of time, you will need to get a business immigration lawyer who can help you through the process from start to finish. Many applications for business visas are turned away for simple mistakes on the application or for not providing the right supplementary documentation. Having your visa denied can seriously throw off your deadline and make the business immigration process even more difficult than it needs to be.

At our law firm, we understand that sometimes the best way to compete in an increasingly global world is to employ professional foreign nationals. And if you live overseas, sometimes the best solution for advancing your career is to come to the United States. No matter your professional goals, the business immigration attorneys at Colombo & Hurd are here to support you. From applying for the right business visas for your employees to finding the best place to relocate abroad, our team is dedicated to helping you realize your immigration plans.

A Tampa business immigration lawyer can help alleviate the stress of making sure your documentation is handled properly by keeping track of the small stuff for you. And with a lawyer who is familiar with the business immigration process, you can rest assured that they will do everything possible to make sure your visa is accepted the first time, saving you time and, of course, money.

Consult with a Business Immigration Lawyer in Tampa, Florida Today

Whether you are a business owner looking for a staffing solution or a skilled worker looking to immigrate to the United States for new opportunities, you want a lawyer on your side who can help you navigate the complication business immigration process. That’s where Colombo & Hurd come in. With years of legal experience as well as first-hand knowledge of US immigration, we know how frustrating it can be to ensure a successful application. And with a business to run and/or a family to feed, we know it can be time-consuming, as well.

Let us take that extra load off of you by making it as easy as possible to apply for a business immigration visa. We can use our expertise to cut down on the confusion and help you collect everything needed to apply for your visa. Not sure what type of business visa is best for you? We can also consult with you to determine your individual or business needs. To get started, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation at (813) 444-1114 with a skilled business immigration lawyer in Tampa, Florida.

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