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Congratulations to both of our clients from Argentina who recently obtained E-2 Treaty Investor Visa approval to manage their investment in Miami, Florida. Their business offers a full-service mind-body training method which connects natural forms of motion, exercises for muscular functions and core-training in a unique way for athletes of all ages as complement to sport clubs, schools, sport summer camps and gyms within Florida. Each of our clients owns 50% of the company which allows them both to independently obtain the E2 Visa for themselves and their familes. Again, congratulations to our clients who will be entering Florida along with their families to direct and develop their new enterprise.

Our experienced E-2 visa attorneys also assist other nationals of treaty countries from Latin America and beyond to obtain the E-2 visa. Please call our Orlando office at (407)478-1111 or our Tampa Office at (813) 543-6927 if you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss the E-2 Investor Visa or any other immigration matter.

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