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Navigating the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) process can be complex, but insights from someone who has worked within the system can provide a substantial advantage. We are pleased to present an exclusive interview with Attorney Mandy Nease, a former USCIS officer with 13 years of experience, who has led the Professional Development team at Colombo & Hurd Immigration for over a year now. In this interview, Attorney Nease offers invaluable guidance on what USCIS officers seek in EB-2 NIW applications and provides expert advice to help applicants succeed

During the interview, Attorney Nease discusses the comprehensive training that USCIS officers undergo. This rigorous training encompasses both legal and technical aspects, ensuring that officers are thoroughly prepared to adjudicate a variety of immigration petitions. Her firsthand experience provides a unique perspective on the meticulous nature of this training process. A key point of discussion is the mentoring process within USCIS, which ensures continuity and consistency in decision-making. New officers work closely with seasoned mentors, gradually building the confidence and expertise required to make informed decisions independently. This mentoring system is vital for maintaining high standards and uniformity in case adjudication.

Attorney Nease also highlights the significant advantages of the EB-2 NIW category for self-petitioners. Unlike traditional employment-based immigration processes, the EB-2 NIW allows applicants to seek permanent residency without the need for employer sponsorship. This freedom is particularly beneficial for individuals with unique skills and entrepreneurial aspirations, enabling them to pursue opportunities in the United States on their own terms. The importance of personalized petitions is another crucial topic covered in the interview. Tailored petitions that highlight the specific contributions and potential of applicants can significantly increase their chances of approval. This personalized approach is a hallmark of Colombo & Hurd’s practice, enabling effective representation of clients from diverse professional backgrounds.

Additionally, Attorney Nease addresses the efficiency of the EB-2 NIW process compared to traditional employer-based petitions. She outlines the lengthy and complex nature of the labor certification process required for other employment-based visas, which can take years. In contrast, the EB-2 NIW process is significantly faster, providing a more efficient pathway to permanent residency. If you would like to have one of our experienced immigration attorneys review your professional profile to verify if you are a good fit for the Green Card through the EB-2 NIW process, please click the following link for free evaluation of your professional profile:

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