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Congratulations to our client, a consultant in Technology Intelligence and Digital Design focused on User Experience, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, who earlier this month received the approval notice for his EB2 National Interest Waiver. USCIS accepted our argument that our client had a combination of experience, knowledge and ability to substantially contribute to the innovative technology industry in the United States.

Our client had over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Throughout his successful career, our client had conducted major technology innovation projects using user experience, virtual reality and augmented reality, among other technologies. Further, our client had  conducted major digital marketing projects, including a partnerships with major technology companies and was also involved in a digital education and school project which resulted in the donation of 50 laboratory computers to Brazilian schools. Notably, combined studies by McKinsey, World Economic Forum and Goldman Sachs forecast that the augmented reality and virtual reality will grow incrementally reaching as high as 50% of 2025. The creative market potential of AR is also pegged to be in the range of $4 to $27 Billion. Our client’s experience, education and expertise led USCIS to find that he was well positioned to advance his endeavor in this emerging and innovative field.

Congratulations again to our client. If you are interested in finding out more about the EB2 National Interest Waiver, please feel free contact our office today to schedule a consultation.  Initial consultations can be scheduled online, or by calling our Orlando office at (407) 478-1111, Miami office at (305) 455-0590 or our Tampa office at (813) 444-1114.

Vivian Daher

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