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Miami Immigration Lawyers

At Colombo & Hurd, PL our experienced Miami immigration attorneys practice immigration law strategically and tactically. Whether you are an individual or a business, our attorneys are prepared to serve all of your immigration needs. Each lawyer at Colombo & Hurd places a premium on the attorney-client relationship. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to providing responsive client service that includes calling you back within hours or as soon as possible rather than in days or weeks.

Our immigration attorneys are proud to work with both businesses and individuals. We can pursue employment or family-based immigration solutions. Some of our business clients include corporations, hospitals, academic and educational institutions, and small to mid-sized companies. For these organizations we can work to secure green cards for workers or temporary work visas. Our work in the family-based immigration area is typically more varied and includes marriage and fiancé visas, deportation defense, visas for relatives, EB-5 investor visas, asylum, and concerns related to naturalization and citizenship.

Work Visas that Can Provide the Workers Your Company Needs to Grow

There are a broad array of work visas available. When considering working and living in the United States on a temporary basis an individual must ensure that the visa not only fits his or her immigration goals but also must verify that he or she is likely to satisfy the requirements set forth to obtain a work visa of this type. Common work visas and their requirements include:

  • E-1 Treaty Trader – Individuals whose country of origin is one with which the United States holds a treaty of trade and navigation can apply for an E-1 visa. The E-1 visa permits a person to come to the U.S. for purposes of engaging in substantial trade.
  • H-1B Person in Specialty OccupationThe H-1B visa is a well-known pathway for educated, temporary workers. The computing and other high tech industries frequently make use of H-1Bs.
  • L Visa for Intracompany TransfereeFor foreign companies looking to expand to the United States, an L Visa can permit for managers and executives to come to the U.S. to oversee the expansion.
  • O Visa for Individual with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement – Certain individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements in business, the arts, science, athletics, and other fields may be able to qualify for an O visa.

The visas listed above include only some of the more well-known options. An immigration attorney can assess your business circumstances and goals to help you determine which visas are most likely to assist you in achieving your goal.

Guidance for Family Based Immigration in Miami

If you already have relatives in the United States and are considering making the U.S. your permanent home, family based immigration may be your best option. Individuals who wish to immigrate on the basis of an existing family member can do so through the Immediate Relative or the Family Preference visa process.  Generally, individuals who can qualify under the Immediate Relative (IR) program should do so because this program is not subject to limitations on the number of visas that can be issued annually. However, the IRS visa does require an extremely close family relation to already be a citizen. If you cannot qualify for an IR visa, you may still qualify through a family preference category. While these visas are subject to quotas, it is typically easier to qualify for this type of visa.

How Do We Approach Immigration Matters for our Clients?

At Colombo & Hurd, our lawyers believe that success begins with preparation. In a body of law where legal filings are often extremely voluminous, preparation plus careful attention to detail are cornerstones. At Colombo & Hurd you can rest assured that we will handle all aspects of your immigration matter diligently and strategically

Furthermore, our immigration attorneys are sensitive to the worries and anxieties that can accompany immigration proceedings for both families and businesses. Nearly all of all lawyers and immigration support team have gone through the immigration process themselves or experienced the process through a close family member. Our lawyers and support staff have a personal understanding of what you may be experiencing and can work to put your anxieties to rest.

Immigrations Lawyers in Miami Can Work for You

If you are seeking immigration solutions or are looking for guidance regarding particular immigration concerns, the lawyers of Colombo & Hurd may be able to help. Our legal team is dedicated to working strategically and diligently for all of our clients.

To discuss whether our services are a good fit for your immigration needs, call our Miami law office at 305-692-0232 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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