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Florida is a state that is both welcoming to and familiar with immigration. The first major wave of modern immigration into the state occurred during the French and Spanish settlement during the late 16th and 17th century. Writings from the time also note the immigration of new Native American groups into what is now Florida. Immigration into Florida continued during Spanish and British rule and to the present day under the United States government. More recent waves of immigration has resulted in a drastic increase in population in Florida. In 1950, Florida was the 20th most populated state. Today, it is the 4th most populous state in the Union. This drastic increase in population has been driven from immigration from Hispanic nations with the first wave coming after the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Since then, immigration from Central and South American countries and other Caribbean nations has significantly contributed to the population increase.

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Locations of USCIS Offices in Central and South Florida

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the government agency in charge of administering the immigration laws and system in the United States. USCIS is the government agency that immigrants seeking legal permanent residency or citizenship status must engage. Locations of USCIS Offices in Central and South Florida located in the area of Orlando and Miami, respectively, include:

  • USCIS Application Support Center (Hialeah) 5880 NW 183rd Street Hialeah, Florida 33015
  • USCIS Application Support Center (Kendall) 14675 SW 120th Street Miami, Florida 33186
  • USCIS Application Support Center (Miami) 8801 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33150
  • USCIS Application Support Center (Oakland Park) 4451 NW 31st Avenue Oakland Park, Florida 33309
  • USCIS Application Support Center (Orlando) 5828 South Semoran Boulevard Orlando, FL 32822
  • USCIS Application Support Center (Tampa) 5629 Hoover Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33634-5302
  • USCIS Application Support Center (West Palm Beach) 9300 Belvedere Road Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

USCIS has a number of offices in Florida to handle the large number of immigrants seeking to make the state their permanent home. Furthermore, the offices are distributed across the state so that interested parties have an avenue to address their concerns.

Other Immigration resources in Florida

USCIS also provides immigrants with tools that allows them to easily seek other important immigration services. One of the available tools allows an interested party to locate English classes or citizenship classes at a location close to his or her home. Interested individuals should access the USCIS “Find a Class” page. People seeking services of this type can enter their home or work address to be presented with a list a reputable providers in the area. If you have already taken a citizenship course and wish to test your knowledge and understanding, USCIS also offers a Civics Practice Test. However, it is essential to note that important differences exist between the practice test and the actual test. While the practice test is a 20 question multiple choice exam, the actual citizenship test is not. The actual test is administered orally and will include 10 questions from a 100 question bank. While there are differences, displaying mastery on the practice test can provide a confidence boost and assurance that you have prepared diligently and thoroughly. Remember, you must answer at least six of the 10 questions correctly to pass the citizenship test. miami immigration resources

Some organizations offering citizenship classes and listed on the USCIS page for people seeking help in their community includes:

  • Colombian American Service Association (CASA) 10300 Sunset Drive Suite 387 Miami, FL 33173 305-463-7468
  • Hope Community Center, Inc. 1016 North Park Avenue Apopka, FL 32712 407-880-4673, ext. 226
  • School Board of Miami-Dade County Adult ESOL Programs 750 NW 20 Street Suite G154 Miami, FL 33127 305-579-0340

Many other resources exist in the state. Individuals looking for help with citizenship classes, green cards and other aspects of government support should contact their local leaders and officials.

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